Your Business Benefits

Get Absolute Prevention

• Number of incidents that will go unresolved – Zero

• Time to remediation– Zero

• Potential business impact of the incident – Zero

Deterministically tackling the cause of zero-days gives you a real solution for known and unknown threats in your organization. True security cannot be achieved using heuristic algorithms and are always prone to error unlike Cybellum.

No False Positives

• Number of false alarms – Zero

• Amount of safe content not reaching the end-user – Zero

• Time spent on investigating faulty alerts – Zero

Alerts and false positives are vast and occur on a daily basis which consumes a lot of management resources. With Cybellum there is no need to measure ‘severity’ in endless logs and management systems, and no need to investigate safe content. Our solution solves the cause of the attack deterministically, we know if a malicious operation was even attempted, omitting any false positives from the equation.

Try Simplified Security

• The need for other anti-malware products – Zero

• Cyber experts needed to manage the platform – Zero

• Researchers needed to analyze forensic data – Zero

Cybellum’s Zero-Day Prevention Platform™ is easily deployed with no need to configure learning algorithms prior to the set-up. Our platform gives fully automatic forensics and visibility into each incident without the need for cyber experts to operate the platform. Defeat cyber attacks while drastically reducing the enormous cost of traditional security.


See how Cybellum deterministically prevents
Zero-Days and how your business can benefit.