SBOM & Beyond- Part 3

Keeping the Software Supply Chain Accountable with SBOMs

What will your team do if a software component or a supplier’s entire software suite becomes untrustworthy overnight? Do you have a backup plan in place?  It’s a scenario that every OEM fears, but many will confront– with most admitting they have no idea what they would do. That’s because current threat intelligence, CVEs, and […]

How SBOMs Can Forecast Product Security Storms

The Product Security community has had a rough go of it lately.  Ransomware attacks, New regulation, Greater internal liabilities, Oh, and no cross-industry processes to better manage the long tail suppliers.  Remember years ago how the local news team would forecast a sunny day, just for it to rain? But, with the advancements in connecting […]

Ronen Talks Strategy- SBOM 1

Making the most of SBOMs: A product security perspective

Part 1: Using SBOMs for enhanced visibility and control  The dynamic nature of software development exposes the software supply chain to countless sources of both known and unknown vulnerabilities. These can take multiple forms, from insecure open-source software to zero-day exploits.  The connected product software revolution’s growing reliance on open-source software increases the risk and […]

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Shifting to Proactive Readiness

In today’s perpetually connected world, reliable energy delivery requires cyber-resilient delivery systems. The nation’s security, economic prosperity, and the well-being of our citizens depend on reliable energy infrastructure. Operational Technology (OT) networks are increasingly converging with IT networks as critical-infrastructure companies modernize to enhance functionality and lower costs. But rapid digital transformation and convergence also […]

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