Cybellum and FIC Partner to Expand Vehicle Cybersecurity Offering in Asia Pacific

Cybellum and FIC Partner to Expand Vehicle Cybersecurity Offering in Asia Pacific

This partnership provides automotive industry domain-specific cybersecurity expertise and solutions for enhanced safety and regulatory compliance 

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 3, 2023 – Cybellum, provider of the Product Security Platform for connected products, has partnered with First International Computer (FIC) to expand its APAC business, providing the automotive industry with domain-specific cybersecurity expertise and solutions for enhanced safety and regulatory compliance. 

Highly visible cyber-attacks have shown that hackers can remotely breach and take control of various vehicle functions, even while in operation. This includes the ability to compromise console capabilities, access vehicle telematic data, and even remotely override critical operations, via engine and braking system ECUs. Many of these hacks are conducted by identifying vulnerabilities that exist within a specific ECU or ones that are uncovered only after the ECUs are incorporated into vehicles. Cybellum enables OEMs and Tier-N manufacturers to automatically generate and manage SBOMs and VEX vulnerability reports, conduct continuous monitoring, and gain a full system of systems view for faster compliance and vulnerability discovery.   

FIC works with the Telecom Technology Center (TTC) and ITE Tech Semiconductor to provide comprehensive monitoring of the product life cycle. TTC is an organization focused on communications-related policy research, supporting Taiwan’s automotive electronics and Internet of Things (IOT) industries. Part of their work includes testing and ensuring they meet international and local laws and standards, including WP. 29, ISO/SAE 21434, and others so they don’t run into difficulties once their products reach their destination. 

“Taiwan’s world-renowned electronics manufacturing sector is always seeking new solutions to secure their vehicles and automotive supply chain,” said Alex Dee, GM of Futuristic Business Division at FIC. “Beyond allowing these producers to keep pace with the global automotive information security industry, it will also assist in our efforts to strengthen our partnerships throughout the Asia Pacific region.”

Securing their products will include conducting software asset security testing with Cybellum binary scanning facilitated by FIC. Its projects include vulnerability testing, general defect testing and compliance testing, establishing the security standards for information communication, and building an important protection network for vehicle asset security.

“FIC has years of experience in software and platform management, as well as automotive electronics design,” said Eddie Lazenbnik, VP Channel Sales at Cybellum. “We view FIC as a strategic partner for promoting our cyber and product security platform across the Asia Pacific region.”


About FIC

First International Computer (also known as FIC), was founded in 1979 and has a history of one of the top Taiwan computer brands in the world. With 43 years of design manufacturing experience, it has a great influence on the computer industry in Taiwan and overseas.

Under the business transformation in 2007, FIC has grown year by year in the sales of electronic product design and manufacturing business. In 2021, FIC has developed into a world-class leader in automotive electronic design, smart city AIoT, smart grid, energy management system (EMS), and 5G autonomous driving and AI robotics solutions.

About Cybellum

Cybellum is where teams do product security. 

Leading manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Supermicro, Arthrex, and Faurecia use Cybellum’s Product Security Platform to execute and manage the main aspects of their cybersecurity operations across teams, product lines, and business units. From SBOM to Vulnerability Management, Compliance Validation, and Incident Response, teams ensure their connected products are fundamentally secure and compliant – and stay that way.


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