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Xiaomi C-20 blog

Are Popular IoT Devices Putting Your Network at Risk of A Cyberattack?

Part 1: A complex problem with a simple explanation  Remotely connected security cameras have become commonplace in our everyday lives. They help organizations secure a facility, manage authorized areas, prevent theft, and more.  But these IoT devices that seem to blend into the landscape may not be as secure as other connected products we rely […]

Paul Cha LTOOD Blog

Learnings From a 40-Year-Long Automotive OEM Leader

Paul Cha is a cyber and product security leader, serving as the VP of Cybersecurity at LG Electronics Vehicle component Solutions. Paul held critical positions at Synopsis, Ford Motor Company, and Samsung prior to joining LG. He found his way to cybersecurity while working on his Ph.D. in risk management. Paul started his career in […]

RVWP Hive Mind

RVWP: How CISA Harnesses the Hive Mind to Combat Ransomware

Stepping in to help entire industries better manage their connected devices, CISA is providing critical live vulnerability data directly to CPSOs. It remains unclear if teams are set up in a way to digest the data into vulnerability management and malware detection activities. ———- Last week, CISA announced their new Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Pilot (RVWP), […]

Intro to Automotive Cybersecurity Standards and Regulations

As vehicles have come to rely heavily on software and an increasingly complex software supply chain, the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve. Automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations for safety are more critical than ever. Industry-wide recognition of automotive cybersecurity risks has pushed regulators and industry leaders to double-down on regulation. The recent adoption of […]

Adam Shostak- LTOOD

What Video Games and Star Wars Can Teach Us About Threat Modeling with Adam Shostack

This article is based on Adam Shostack’s interview on the Left to Our Own Devices podcast.   Adam Shostack, is a threat modeling expert, pioneer of the CVE standards, author of  “What Every Engineer Should Learn From Star Wars,” advisor,  game designer, and lecturer. When Adam realized his work affects people’s lives and data and […]

LTOOD Joe Weiss

Joe Weiss on Why Engineers are Vital to Industrial Product Security

From a nuclear meltdown to Y2K and 9/11, Joe Weiss paints a frightening picture of cyber vulnerabilities in things that can go BOOM in the night.  Joe Weiss is what you would call a trailblazer in the realm of critical infrastructure cybersecurity. During his 40+ years in industrial instrumentation controls and cybersecurity, he has set […]

Balancing Cybersecurity & Functional Safety: ISO 26262 – ISO/SAE 21434

As the automotive industry becomes increasingly software-based, automotive security has become an evolution of safety, rather than a separate practice. The huge amount of code that vehicles have come to rely on presents malicious players with new attack windows that demand combining both cybersecurity and functional safety standards and automotive cybersecurity standards to products and […]

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