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Ron Stupi and David Leichner on Robotics’ Future in Bureau Veritas

Below is an interview between David Leichner, CMO at Cybellum, and Ron Stupi of Bureau Veritas– originally published by Authority Magazine. With the shortage of labor, companies are now looking at how robots can replace some of the lost labor force. The truth is that this is not really a novel idea, as companies like Amazon […]

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Unified Product Security Platform: The Choice for Security Pros

As the connected devices and products we rely on have become increasingly software-reliant, securing them against cybersecurity and compliance risks has become a major concern for product security pros. Today’s evolving cybersecurity regulation for software-driven devices and products addresses the expanding threat landscape. As a result, companies are investing more and more in technologies that […]

What Are Today’s Top Automotive Cybersecurity Challenges?

It hasn’t been an easy year for cybersecurity pros in the automotive industry. Hackers are increasingly setting their sites on connected automotive products – David Colombo’s much-publicized ethical Tesla hack, a ransomware attack against Honda, and a suspected attack on a local Toyota supplier are only a few examples from the rapidly evolving threat landscape. […]

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Our Medical Devices’ Open Source Problem

Originally published on BeepingComputer, May 11, 2022 Open Source is Eating Device Software – What Are the Risks?   There is no doubt that open source powers our development processes, enabling software developers to build high quality, innovative products faster than ever before. Because it is already coded, typically well-tested,  and usually available free of […]

Licensing: The Double-Edged Sword of Open Source Software

Open-source software libraries are the backbone of modern software development and a critical piece of the software supply chain. Engineers don’t need to recreate existing functionality; instead, development efforts can be accelerated using open-source software (OSS) libraries. These days, almost 98% of applications use open-source libraries. Using open-source libraries does bring unique risks. Beyond security […]

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