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Mirel Sehic

How Mirel Sehic Relies on Simplicity to Focus Product Security

If you are developing a modern medical, manufacturing, or logistics facility, there’s no doubt that a large portion of your investment was made into the electronic aspects of your device. Sensors, connected devices, and machinery are synchronized to deliver a streamlined experience. For facility operators, this includes elevators, HVAC systems, PLC controls, valves, pumps, and […]

SBOM & Beyond- Part 3

Keeping the Software Supply Chain Accountable with SBOMs

What will your team do if a software component or a supplier’s entire software suite becomes untrustworthy overnight? Do you have a backup plan in place?  It’s a scenario that every OEM fears, but many will confront– with most admitting they have no idea what they would do. That’s because current threat intelligence, CVEs, and […]

LTOOD Joe Weiss

Joe Weiss on Why Engineers are Vital to Industrial Product Security

From a nuclear meltdown to Y2K and 9/11, Joe Weiss paints a frightening picture of cyber vulnerabilities in things that can go BOOM in the night.  Joe Weiss is what you would call a trailblazer in the realm of critical infrastructure cybersecurity. During his 40+ years in industrial instrumentation controls and cybersecurity, he has set […]

SoS: Full Visibility As a Superpower

Devices are fraught with cybersecurity challenges, pushing teams to analyze the security status of every component twice. Once as a stand-alone system and again as a part in the greater system that makes up a product. Yet, increasingly software-defined products harbor exponentially growing code, making reviewing a single product, its systems, and the systems that […]

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