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Implementing Proactive Product Security With PSIRT Automation

Product security is experiencing growing pains. As products started to become connected to various communication sources, most prominently the internet, product cybersecurity teams would protect their assets using proven solutions from the IT world. Professionals quickly recognized that IT-driven cybersecurity tactics did not take into account various product needs and domain expertise, such as integration […]

Tom Alrich- LTOOD

SBOMs, VEX, and Bridging the Component Insight Gap With Tom Alrich

SBOMs and nationally organized VEX initiatives are powerful tools in fighting cybersecurity– if only they would be used. Tom Alrich, a private Supply Chain Cybersecurity consultant, earned his wings at Honeywell and Deloitte while also co-leading the US Department of Commerce’s National Technology & Information Administration (NTIA) Energy Sector SBOM Proof of Concept. His unique […]

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