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Adam Boulton

What the Food and Building Industry Can Teach Us About Securing Embedded Systems

As one of the leading experts in product security with over 15 years of experience in security engineering and 120 cybersecurity patents under his belt, Adam Boulton is one of the most experienced software security professionals in the industry.  Currently the SVP of Security Technology and Innovation at Cybellum, the Left to Our Own Devices […]

Mirel Sehic

How Mirel Sehic Relies on Simplicity to Focus Product Security

If you are developing a modern medical, manufacturing, or logistics facility, there’s no doubt that a large portion of your investment was made into the electronic aspects of your device. Sensors, connected devices, and machinery are synchronized to deliver a streamlined experience. For facility operators, this includes elevators, HVAC systems, PLC controls, valves, pumps, and […]

Faye Francy

The Power of Community Participation with Faye Francy

The old phrase “sharing is caring” is something that Faye Francy has seen revolutionize entire industries. From her years as a Boeing Commercial Airplanes Cybersecurity ONE team leader, to Aviation-ISAC, and ultimately becoming the Executive Director of Automotive-ISAC, Faye has the unique vantage point of enabling communication between very private and siloed industries. Faye’s interview […]

How SBOMs Can Forecast Product Security Storms

The Product Security community has had a rough go of it lately.  Ransomware attacks, New regulation, Greater internal liabilities, Oh, and no cross-industry processes to better manage the long tail suppliers.  Remember years ago how the local news team would forecast a sunny day, just for it to rain? But, with the advancements in connecting […]

Cybellum FIC

Cybellum and FIC Partner to Expand Vehicle Cybersecurity Offering in Asia Pacific

This partnership provides automotive industry domain-specific cybersecurity expertise and solutions for enhanced safety and regulatory compliance  Tel Aviv, Israel, February 3, 2023 – Cybellum, provider of the Product Security Platform for connected products, has partnered with First International Computer (FIC) to expand its APAC business, providing the automotive industry with domain-specific cybersecurity expertise and solutions […]

Building and Applying A New Medical Device Framework With Phil Englert

Phil Englert was ahead of the curve in introducing cybersecurity into the medical device industry, building medical device cybersecurity programs from scratch several times during his career.  Today he is the Director of Medical Device Security at the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center H-ISAC, helping establish connections within the medical device community, and well-versed […]

Flex the VEX Emoji

Flex the VEX: A Better Way to Secure Products

VEX reports have finally hit the mainstream and the excitement surrounding them has as much to do with automation as it does with vulnerability management.  To appreciate the full practicality of Vulnerability and Exploitability Exchange (VEX) reports, we need to go back to our old friend, the Software Bill of Material, endearingly known as ‘SBOM’. […]

LTOOD: Thomas LaRock

Insights From a Nation State Software Supply Chain Attack With Thomas LaRock

Two years following one of the worst cyber-espionage attacks on the USA, we sat down with Thomas LaRock from SolarWinds to learn about how they managed the SUNBURST crisis and came away stronger Thomas LaRock is the Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager–or as they like to put it ‘Head Geek’–at SolarWinds. After many years as […]

PR- Version 2.22

Cybellum Transforms SBOM Management and Compliance Oversight

Advanced workflow, approval process and management dashboard enhance control, distribution and supervision, while reducing errors and streamlining the entire SBOM management process   Israel, Tel Aviv, January 26, 2023 – Cybellum, provider of the award-winning Product Security Platform for connected product and device manufacturers, announced today the release of version 2.22, providing enhanced SBOM management […]

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