The summer is over – at least for the northern hemispherians of us. Isn’t it time for some reflection (pun intended) on the risks of the being exposed to the sun in the first place?

The American Optometric Association suggests that the sun’s primary danger is in the form of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In fact, both UV-A and UV-B type of radiations put serious risk on the skin and eyes. In other words, one should use UV protection – sunglasses and sunscreen for that matter.

So what does it have to do with cars then? One might think I’m talking about car waxing or something. That we must protect cars against the sun’s potential damage the same way we have to protect ourselves. Well – that too. YourGarageGuide covered it in their All The Benefits of Waxing a Car blog. I am actually referring to the need to protect cars against a different beast altogether – Unknown Vulnerabilities (UV). These are software development bugs lurking into the tens of Electronic Control Units embedded inside vehicles. While a lot of effort of automotive security experts is going already into identifying whether their tested software is vulnerable to already known vulnerabilities discovered by researchers worldwide, it is the unknown that worries them some more.

Cybellum’s unique technology allows for an automated scanning for unknown vulnerabilities (in addition to known ones and other risks). This lets both automotive OEMs and suppliers to quickly pinpoint zero-day attack vectors unlike ever before.

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(Image by ddzphoto from Pixabay)

By Eyal Traitel

Eyal manages the customer facing activities at Cybellum, working closely with automotive OEMs and suppliers’ product security teams on implementation of risk assessment solutions, developing customer education programs and technical content around automotive cyber security and standards compliance.