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Easily comply with regulations, standards and
your own security policies

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As software and connectivity become integral to the modern device ecosystem, OEMs and their suppliers are pressured to comply with multiple security regulations, standards and internal policies. Fail to do so and you risk exposure to regulatory sanctions and brand equity erosion.

But current policy validation methodologies are unsustainable – they’re expensive because of a global shortage of skilled personnel and slow, due to a reliance on manual efforts.

It’s to rethink compliance, by making it efficient, automatic, and long-lasting.

Compliance Validation made Simple

Cybellum enables OEMs and their suppliers to speed up and scale compliance validation and certification. Our Cyber Digital Twins™ platform provides the visibility, context and agility needed for reliable, expert-grade compliance validation.

Speed and Scale

Reduce manual efforts and automate compliance validation with all Automotive, Medical and Industrial security regulations, as well as your own policies

Privacy and PII

Strengthen your privacy by exposing Personally Identifiable Information hiding in 1st and 3rd party software and comply with related regulations

Coding and Hardening

Validate adherence to your choice of software hardening mechanisms and secure development frameworks such as CERT C

Compliance Insights

Dashboards help you track your security score within and across development programs so you can advance your security posture and certification readiness

Cryptography Guidelines

Expose and fix violations of your cryptographic guidelines such as insecure private key sharing, disapproved encryption/signing algorithms, encryption key length errors and more

Regulatory Reporting with a Full Trail of Evidence

Capture system and user activities such as changes to a vulnerability status or user triaging decisions, providing documented evidence in support of security auditing


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Cyber Digital Twins™ technology allows for visibility and control that were impossible before. By creating digital replicas of your products’ software, it allows you to manage and mitigate cyber risks continuously. Not only that, but it also enables analysis from a component level all the way to a full product or system level, unlocking product security at scale.