Get a precise, continuously updated blueprint of every firmware component, as well as the full product system, so you find vulnerabilities and remediate them across the entire lifecycle


Turn device software into Cyber Digital Twins™

Upload the binaries of each component’s firmware and analyse all of them automatically & continuously, uncovering their exact composition - from SBOM, to version history, licenses, HW architecture, OS configurations and more

Assess security threats in the full product context

Assess the cyber risk of your complete product system, by analyzing inter-system architecture, external connections, and available countermeasures (such as Firewall). Analyze your Cyber Digital Twins™ through our device vulnerability database, to find a match for relevant CVEs automatically, as well as zero days. Then prioritize risks, based on how they impact your unique systems and validate them against your company’s security policies

Continuously identify & mitigate risk

Detect new risks and assess them automatically the moment they arise, whether it is a new attack method discovered, a software updated remotely or a component added. Then, get clear recommendations on how to quickly & efficiently mitigate each risk

Uncover what’s hidden

get an accurate
picture of threats

Gain full visibility into your component’s firmware and the entire product system, updated with every change. No source-code needed

FOCUS ON RISK analysis,
not grunt work

Automate the bulk of your analysis & prioritization tasks, so you can focus on assesing risk and not manual detection

Uncover your
security's trail of evidence

Trace every risk’s origin across the entire supply chain, from development to post-production

purpose built for your ecosystem

Cyber Digital Twin™ technology is built for the unique combination of operating systems, microcontroller architectures, file-formats and regulations in each of the three industries we serve.

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