Incident Response (PSIRT) Services
for Device Manufacturers


A dedicated service for monitoring, triaging and analyzing vulnerabilities in post production products (PSIRT). Get timely notifications and incident reports, managed and created by product security experts.

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Combining PSIRT expertise, Automation & AI

Managing and mitigating vulnerabilities in post production requires a combination of technology and expert oversight. Cybellum offers a new kind of service, where experienced product security professionals use automation and AI to detect and triage risks, while using their expertise to fine tune the results and make the final decisions.

The Cybellum Human-in-the-loop Service Framework
Automation Engine

A powerful engine conducting tasks such as detection, analysis and triaging, providing scale

AI Model

A trained model understanding the company’s unique products and policies, conducting product-specific analysis, and providing context

Cybellum Expert

An experienced product security professional overseeing the process, making the more complex decisions, guiding the AI and providing accountability

Incident Response Service:
How it Works

Asset Creation

Cybellum experts produce high-quality product SBOMs and assets with the help of automation and AI

Continuous Monitoring

The experts continuously monitor for threats using an automatically updated repository with dozens of public vulnerability feeds

Incident Report Creation

Once an incident is discovered, the experts conduct vulnerability analysis with the help of AI and produce a detailed remediation plan

Key deliverables

A detailed incident report which includes a list of triaged vulnerabilities, full analysis, and a remediation plan

Ongoing notifications with triaged incident information

Let’s manage incidents together


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Main use cases

Manufacturers looking to outsource their post production risk management to a professional product security team

Teams looking to submit risk assessment documentation to comply with the following regulations: Automotive: WP.29 R155 and ISO 21434, Medical Device: FDA Premarket Guidance, Critical infrastructure: EU CRA and IEC 62443

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  • Monitoring of product component vulnerabilities
  • Filtering according to relevance and product affiliation
  • Real-time notification alerts with incident response information
  • Summarized reports
  • Utilizing private feeds


  • Expert analyst validation of system impact
  • Qualified & detailed reports on the vulnerability and its possible impact
  • Remediation suggestions
  • Utilizing both public feeds & threat intelligence

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