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Smart and swift product security incident response

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The increased reliance on software and connectivity to drive innovation in medical devices brings tangible cybersecurity threats that may put device operation and patient safety at risk. Malfunctions pose the ultimate risk for Healthcare Providers and their suppliers, exposing them and device manufacturers to regulatory violations and liability claims while undermining patient trust.

Unlocking Incident Response at Scale

Cybellum enables OEMs and their suppliers to develop and maintain secure devices, every step of the way. Our product security platform provides the visibility, context, and agility needed to pre-empt and quickly resolve product security incidents.

Targeted Threat intelligence

Monitor new vulnerabilities, threats and exploits in real-time via aggregated threat intelligence, preempting security incidents and speeding up response when they happen

Integrated Response

Integrate seamlessly with your remote updates, SIEM, SOC and other operational systems, so you can quickly mitigate incidents

Focused Alerts

Bring context into chaos and automatically filter-out irrelevant security events so you can focus your attention on actual risks

Automated Impact Analysis

Automate threat impact assessment and read across your entire product portfolio to proactively detect and prevent future incidents

Cut Response Times

Our platform facilitates incident investigation, provides mitigation recommendations and automates report generation, so your PSIRT can cut response times

Compliance Comes Standard

Comply with post-production continuous monitoring and incident response requirements set by regulations and standards


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Cyber Digital Twins™ technology allows for visibility and control that were impossible before. By creating digital replicas of your products’ software, it allows you to manage and mitigate cyber risks continuously. Not only that, but it also enables analysis from a component level all the way to a full product or system level, unlocking product security at scale.

Securing Connected Devices in the Field

Learn how automation and deep visibility allow PSIRT to manage security incidents post-production and reduce the risk of regulatory violations, liability claims, and brand equity erosion.

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SBOM for Connected Devices: Getting it Right

Everything product security managers need to know about SBOMs.

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Making Sense of SBOMs and VEX for Healthcare and its Supply Chain

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