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LTOOD: Ronen Lago

Ronen Lago’s Secret to Market Success: Security-Driven Executive Strategy

This blog is based on Ronen Lago’s interview on the Left to Our Own Devices Podcast. ——̵ […]

Management Dashboard Featured image

Revolutionizing Product Security Management with a New Center

Manufacturing companies are huge enterprises with multiple business units and vast product lines. This means m […]

From Combat to Cybersecurity: Rick Driggers’ Career Journey

Looking out for the American people and his teammates is something Rick Diggers has committed himself to since […]

PSIRT Automation and response times

Implementing Proactive Product Security With PSIRT Automation

Product security is experiencing growing pains. As products started to become connected to various communicati […]

LTOOD: Mimi Gross

Elite Cybersecurity Talent in a Competitive Job Market with Mimi Gross

For over a year, labor shortages have dominated headlines, impacting our everyday lives as this crisis transla […]

Ron Stupi Authority Magazine

Ron Stupi and David Leichner on Robotics’ Future in Bureau Veritas

Below is an interview between David Leichner, CMO at Cybellum, and Ron Stupi of Bureau Veritas– original […]

Tom Alrich- LTOOD

SBOMs, VEX, and Bridging the Component Insight Gap With Tom Alrich

SBOMs and nationally organized VEX initiatives are powerful tools in fighting cybersecurity– if only they woul […]

SoS: Full Visibility As a Superpower

Devices are fraught with cybersecurity challenges, pushing teams to analyze the security status of every compo […]

How Dr. Suzanne Schwartz is Saving Lives by Reshaping Medical Device Cybersecurity (JP)

With an early eye on pediatrics and a specialty in burn-victim surgery, the Food & Drug Administration’s ( […]

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