New FDA cybersecurity guidelines are out. Join the webinar to learn more.
New FDA cybersecurity guidelines are out. Join the webinar to learn more.

Protect Vehicles with World’s First Cyber Digital Twins Platform

Protect Vehicles with World’s First Cyber Digital Twins Platform

When people think of potential cybersecurity risks, they think of their personal devices – like phones, laptops or game consoles. Today’s car needs to be thought of as an even more vulnerable and potentially more dangerous form of these devices.

The modern car runs on thousands of software lines of code, is connected to the internet and eventually stores a huge amount of personal data. As such, it is imperative that manufacturers and cyber experts work together to make sure no software vulnerability goes unnoticed before a product makes it to the market.

The manufacturing process involves a complex chain of suppliers right down to the smallest components that allow the vehicles we drive to function. This means looking for the cause of a cybersecurity risk often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.

We are excited to launch the very first automotive Cyber Digital Twins platform to combat the rising cyber risk to connected vehicles.

With our Cyber Digital Twins platform manufacturers can now gain control over their risk assessment and mitigation, from design to production and beyond.

The platform allows you to map and trace hundreds of thousands of potential cyber vulnerabilities in the software that runs a vehicle, and present the software ‘fix’, to maintain security throughout its lifecycle.

This latest development in the automotive security industry comes alongside a sharp rise in the potential threat landscape associated with connected vehicles. Indeed, industry predictions suggest that over 620 million connected cars will be on the roads within three years, each collecting as much as 25GB of personal data every hour.

As such, the introduction of our best-in-class risk assessment platform comes at a time when the wider industry is tightening regulations for manufacturers to ensure the ongoing safety and security of vehicles. In the coming months, new stringent standards, designed to drive cyber responsibility throughout the automotive supply chain, are being introduced to address growing concerns about vehicle protection.

Until now, automotive manufacturers have had very limited visibility into the software that operates within their vehicles. Now, our Cyber Digital Twins platform enables you to ‘look under the hood’, pin-point cyber vulnerabilities, and mitigate the risk across every step of the supply chain. This is a revolution in automotive cybersecurity, that helps car manufacturing companies remain compliant and secured, at scale.

The unique platform maps each component of a vehicle that could potentially be at risk and creates an identical digital replica of the make-up and structure of its software. This includes a full list of open source, proprietary and commercial software, operating systems, hardware architectures and any cryptographic measures that might have been used by suppliers. This identical digital replica remains in the service of the manufacturing company, long after a vehicle has left the factory floor, allowing for ongoing monitoring and risk mitigation throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle.