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Cybellum provides integrated cybersecurity solutions for leading device manufacturers

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Product Security

As products become increasingly connected and software driven, cybersecurity evolves into a strategic imperative for device manufacturers and asset owners.

Cybellum transforms product security at scale, bringing the visibility and accountability needed for board-level governance and the accuracy and agility required to proactively secure your devices. The Cyber Digital Twins™ platform eliminates cyber risk and facilitates compliance from the earliest stages of design and development all the way through integration and post-production.

Cybellum enables manufacturers to fulfill their promise to their customers - that their products aren’t just safe, but they’re also secure.

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Security Use Cases

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Compliance validation
  • Open-source license compliance
  • Asset discovery
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Incident response


  • SDLC
  • Remote Software Updates
  • Ticketing & Tracking
  • CI/CD


  • Public Vulnerabilities
  • Zero Days
  • Security Policies
  • Industry Standards
  • Licensing
  • Cryptography

Automotive Cybersecurity Solution of the Year 2020

Best Practices Company of the Year

Black Unicorn Awards’ Top 100 Cyber Security Startup for 2020

“Cybellum reduced our MTTD by 80% and allowed us to identify known/unknown vulnerabilities automatically with limited human intervention.”

Chris Dickman
Global Chief of Cyber Security Services and Research Team @ Nissan Motor Corporation

"Software risk management is becoming ever more critical to Automotive and Industry 4.0 stakeholders. Cybellum brings vital visibility into the modern software supply chain, proven vulnerability management, and extraordinary cybersecurity expertise."

Philipp Unterhalt
Managing Director @ Hahn Group

"Our collaboration with Cybellum allows the Alliance brands to calculate the risk of a vulnerability in the full vehicle context, and therefore helps our brands to manage the risk accurately, save time and be competitively prepared for upcoming regulations."

Eldad Raziel
Cyber Security Leader @ Alliance / Renault Nissan Mitsubishi

"Cybellum offers a risk-assessment solution that addresses existing and emerging automotive vulnerability management cybersecurity challenges. The combination of innovative technology and an expert team is why we added Cybellum to our portfolio".

Asaf Atzmon
VP Automotive Cybersecurity @ Harman