Left to Our Own Devices is a podcast dedicated to everything product security, from Medical SBOM, to WP. 29 and the latest industrial security threats.

We’re inviting policymakers, engineers, and industry leaders to hear their war stories and insider tips for surviving the product security jungle.

Product security teams – this podcast is for you. Whether you’re from the Automotive, Medical Device, or Industrial equipment industries, you’ve come to the right place.

Hosted by: David Leichner, CMO at Cybellum and Shlomi Ashkenazy, Head of Brand at Cybellum.

Thomas LaRock

#21: Thomas LaRock: SolarWinds’ Cybersecurity Strategy (JP)

The Head Geek at SolarWinds Speaks Out

The Head Geek at SolarWinds came to our show to talk about lessons learned from SUNBURST, as well as SolarWinds’ initiatives and strategy going forward.

#20: New Year Special: Summarizing 2022 in Product Security (JP)

Summarizing 2022 in the product security world

In the 20th episode of Left to Our Own Devices, hosts David and Shlomi summarize the highlights and takeaways from their 19 interviews with product security leaders in 2022

#19: Joe Weiss: The Hard Truth About Industrial Cybersecurity (JP)

The Industrial Cybersecurity Trailblazer on our Frightening Reality

We sat down with the ICS thought leader to discuss the frightening reality of industrial control systems. and the importance of including engineers in industrial product security.

#18: Dale Peterson: ICS Security Has a Way to Go (JP)

The ICS cybersecurity leader on what needs to change

We spoke with the veteran ICS leader and founder of S4 Events about the biggest challenges in industrial control system cybersecurity today and learned from his fascinating personal story.

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