New FDA cybersecurity guidelines are out. Join the webinar to learn more.
New FDA cybersecurity guidelines are out. Join the webinar to learn more.
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Asset & SBOM Management

Create & manage reliable, complete SBOMs and assets by merging, de-duplicating, auto-fixing, approving, and managing product SBOMs across components and business units.

700% fastercreation and management of high-fidelity SBOMs
10s of thousandsof device SBOMs enriched, verified and managed in the platform
$4.4m or more in annual savings from SBOM management automation (estimated for a team of 3 analysts)
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The SBOM & asset workflow,


Scale SBOM & asset management

Automate the entire SBOM process from merging different sources, to fixing, and approval, for every version or branch.



Track the entire SBOM management process across your organization, and share complete, reliable SBOMs.


Speed up

Create VEX reports, analyze vulnerabilities, and get mitigation recommendations.

Asset and SBOM Management
designed for connected products


Merge & create SBOMs from multiple sources

Create reliable and complete assets & SBOMs by combining data from binary scanners, source code and external SBOM sources in SPDX, CycloneDX or CPEs CSV formats. Create high quality SBOMs that span open-source, commercial and proprietary software, and deduplicate identical packages

Validate, approve and collaborate

Auto-fix, validate, and approve SBOMs for any product, version or branch, then generate reports and share accurate, complete and reliable SPDX and CycloneDX SBOMs with internal and external stakeholders.

SBOM management across products and teams

View a complete product SBOM conveniently, uncovering exactly which components it includes, and get a high level view of your entire SBOM creation and validation process, to track the progress across teams and business units.

Chris Gates
This platform is way more comprehensive than anything I’ve seen available on the market

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