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Supermicro Case Study

Supermicro wanted a list of open-source and third-party licenses along with vulnerabilities, directly from the […]

Left to Our Own Devices

The podcast dedicated to everything product security, where we interview thought leaders, engineers, and polic […]

State of Automotive Cybersecurity 2022

A deep dive into automotive software security and compliance risks and trends.

Insights from our 2022 Automotive Security Research

Takeaways from a deep analysis of hundreds of software components in today’s vehicles.  

SBOM for Connected Devices: Getting it Right

Everything product security managers need to know about SBOMs.

How to Automate your CSMS for WP.29 Compliance

Meet new regulatory requirements, improve security, and optimize production speed.

Automating Vulnerability Management for Connected Devices

Learn how automation and deep visibility into the device make-up allow you to control security risks from the […]

A Lifecycle Approach to Vehicle Cybersecurity

Learn how automotive OEMs and suppliers can ensure cybersecurity challenges like supply chain shortages and th […]

The State of Medical Device Cybersecurity 2022

We asked security experts from hundreds of medical device manufacturers about their main challenges and how th […]

Cyber BOM and SBOM Management

Learn how to create identical digital replicas of products and devices — cyber digital twins —  even when they […]

How to Automate Your CSMS For WP.29 R155 Compliance

Learn how to stay on top of cybersecurity and regulatory challenges by automating your CSMS processes.

Medical Device Cybersecurity: 2022 Trends and Predictions

Get the insights you need about what others in the MDM industry are doing to stay ahead of emerging threats an […]

Automotive Cybersecurity Risks

Our CEO Slava Bronfman talked with Steven Bowcut at the Brilliance Security Podcast. They discussed the curren […]

Cybersecurity Regulations Readiness – 2021 Industry Survey by Cybellum & ASRG

Only 6% are fully ready for the upcoming UNECE WP.29 R155 regulation. That’s one of the key findings in […]

Keeping Vehicles Safe in the Age of Software (by Strategy Analytics)

Strategy Analytics interviewed multiple executives at automotive OEM and Tier 1 suppliers to get a sense of th […]

Medical Device Cybersecurity Regulations, Standards and Best-Practices

A knowledge hub that serves as a home for educational resources on medical cybersecurity regulations, standard […]

What are Cyber Digital Twins for Medical Devices

What are Cyber Digital Twins and how they can be used for cybersecurity analysis?   As medical devices be […]

The Blueprint for a Medical Device Vulnerability Management Program

This eGuide, based on Cybellum’s extensive work with leading Medical Device manufacturers and their supp […]

Integrating Cybersecurity into Medical PLM

With over 34% of all breaches happening in the healthcare sector, it is now clear that cybersecurity for medic […]

The State of Automotive Software Security 2021

This report provides an in-depth snapshot of the current state of automotive software security. The report is […]

Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award 2021

Find out why Frost & Sullivan believes Cybellum is favorably positioned to win trust among automakers and […]

What are Cyber Digital Twins

What are Cyber Digital Twins and how they can be used for cybersecurity analysis?   As IoT devices become […]

Mapping WP.29 to the ISO/SAE 21434

Mapping WP.29 CSMS Requirements to the ISO/SAE 21434 Standard   Learn how the Cyber Security Management S […]

A special episode of the Future Car Podcast

Our CEO Slava Bronfman discusses the layers involved in securing a vehicle software, and how to stay one step […]

Integrating CSMS with PLM to Support Upcoming Regulations

Integrating the cybersecurity processes into your product planning and production, to comply with WP.29 and IS […]

Challenges in Real-Life Automotive Firmware Analysis

What techniques and tools could be used for an effective vulnerability management analysis of automotive firmw […]

Supply Chain Transparency Through Digital Twins

How can OEMs and Tier-1s overcome their complex and practically-invisible software supply chain via Cyber Digi […]

Speeding Up Vehicle Vulnerability Management with Context Based Analysis

In this 30 minutes webinar we will demonstrate how a better understanding of the context in which vehicle soft […]

Extending Digital Twins into Cybersecurity

As automotive manufacturers continue their pursuit of the software-defined vehicle, they must recognize that c […]

Regulations, Standards and Best-Practices Knowledge-Base

A knowledge hub that serves as a home for educational resources on cybersecurity regulations, standards and be […]

The Blueprint of a Vulnerability Management Program

For many organizations, having a vulnerability management program comes down to searching for hacker chatter o […]

Preparing for WP.29 – From Home

Learn How to Prepare for the WP.29 Automotive Cybersecurity Regulation – From Home In this 20-minute on-demand […]

A Review of ENISA 2019 Automotive Practices

A review of the latest ENISA (the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) report on the importance of cyberse […]


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