#41: Gonen Barkan: Radar and Cybersecurity

We sat down with the Chief Radar Officer at Arbe, who also previously led radar technology and development for General Motors, to discuss radar technology, cybersecurity, and autonomous technologies.

#40: Eddy Thesee: All About Rail Cybersecurity

We sat down with the world expert in rail cybersecurity to discuss his experience from leading products and solutions cybersecurity at Alstom, as well as his personal career journey.

#39: Matanyahu Englman: The State Comptroller of Israel on Cybersecurity

This is our interview with Israel’s state comptroller and Ombudsman, which was recorded before the terror attack on Israel on October 7th. We discussed the public sector’s role in cybersecurity and cross-country cooperation.

#38: Helen Negre: On Product Security, Psychology and Personal Growth

We sat down with Helen Negre, the Chief Cybersecurity Officer for Siemens USA and the Americas CISO for Siemens Mobility, for a fascinating and candid conversation about product security, psychology, and personal growth. Helen has shared with us insights from her nontypical journey to cybersecurity leadership and provides tips for those wanting to follow a similar path.