#36: Nidhi Gani: Championing Cybersecurity Regulatory Affairs

The seasoned regulatory affairs professional shares her experiences and insights

We sat down with an expert who has over a decade of experience in medical devices and digital health to discuss medical device security and AI.

#35: Mihoko Matsubara: Cybersecurity as a Global Effort

The Chief Cyber Security Strategist at NTT Japan about cross-sector cybersecurity

Mihoko Matsubara shares her experience working with the public and the private sector, and how to manage cybersecurity and spend time at the beach simultaneously.

#34: Joanna C. Cooper: The Power of “Yes”

A chat with the General Manager at Daimler Truck North America, Mount Holly plant.

We sat down with Joanna to discuss the automotive industry, cybersecurity, and how to advance women in manufacturing roles.

#33: John Heldreth: Growing a 15,000 Strong Automotive Cybersecurity Group

The ASRG Founder on Building a Community

We sat down with John to discuss his insights from being the Head of Car Security Operations at Volkswagen AG, and talk about the upcoming SOS event