#25: Mirel Sehic: Simplifying Product Security

How Honeywell Sees OT, IT and Product Security

The Global VP and GM of Cybersecurity at Honeywell shares his thoughts on the link between IT, OT, and Product Security, and shares how simplifying cybersecurity is key

#24: Faye Francy: The Power of Community

Why communities are crucial in cybersecurity

We sat down with the Executive Director of Automotive-ISAC to discuss the power of community in the Automotive cybersecurity world and beyond

#23: Adam Shostack: Threat Modeling, Star Wars, and Games

Everything you wanted to know about Threat Modeling

We sat down with one of the leading experts in Threat Modeling, to get his tips and tricks and hear about his brand-new book

#22: Phil Englert: The Way Forward for Med Device Cybersecurity

The H-ISAC expert on what’s next in med device cybersecurity

We sat down with Phil Englert to discuss the challenges, trends, and outlooks in today’s medical device cybersecurity world.