#34: Joanna C. Cooper: The Power of “Yes”

A chat with the General Manager at Daimler Truck North America, Mount Holly plant.

We sat down with Joanna to discuss the automotive industry, cybersecurity, and how to advance women in manufacturing roles.

#33: John Heldreth: Leading a 15,000-Member Auto Cybersecurity Group

The ASRG Founder on Building a Community

We sat down with John to discuss his insights from being the Head of Car Security Operations at Volkswagen AG, and talk about the upcoming SOS event

#32: Bindu Sundaresan: Uncovering Business Blind Spots With Cybersecurity

The Director at AT&T Cybersecurity on Business and Cybersecurity

We sat down with Bindu to discuss the relationship between cybersecurity and the business, the growing connectivity in the telecom industry, and to hear her tips and tricks for women in cybersecurity.

#31: Tony Turner: HBOMs, Threat Modeling and Supply Chain Cybersecurity

What’s next in supply chain cybersecurity

We sat down with Tony Turner, CEO at Opswright, for a fascinating conversation about everything product security – from the collaboration challenge between asset owners and manufacturers to HBOMs and his new book.