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Licensing Compliance

Easily comply with OSS legal obligations and minimize legal risk for your connected products

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Product Licensing Management

Has Never Been Harder

As software becomes prevalent in connected devices, OEMs and their suppliers find themselves increasingly reliant on Open Source Software (OSS) to speed up development and drive innovation.

For legal teams, this means navigating an increasingly complex web of licenses and terms associated with OSS, that could lead to license term violations, conflicting licenses, and even usage of non-permissive licenses.

But current legal compliance practices are unsustainable – they are time-consuming, inaccurate, and highly manual tasks. If not managed properly, manufacturers risk exposure to legal litigation, financial sanctions and brand equity erosion.

Open Source License Validation
Made Simple

Cybellum enables OEMs and their suppliers to manage OSS licensing and minimize legal risk, without disrupting their R&D teams. Our product security platform provides the visibility, agility and control needed for reliable and scalable open-source licensing validation.

Comprehensive Governance

Enforce OSS licensing policies across your organization – approved and preferred licenses, licensing violations and conflicts and component usage

Unrivaled Visibility

Accurately expose software composition (SBOM), including packages, versions, licenses and more for better, more reliable analysis. No source code needed.


Code Snippet Detection

Identify OSS from code snippets even if only parts of an open-source source tree are compiled, using indicators found in compiled (binary) files

Speed and Scale

Reduce manual efforts by automating license compatibility validation against your OSS licensing policies

Customizable Policies

Use preset policies or configure Cybellum with your own Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licensing rules

Role-based Administration

Let the right user perform the right task – from software component administration to license management to usage approval

Compliance Insights

Track your legal risk status within and across development programs to advance your risk posture over time

Audit Ready

Capture system and user activities providing documented evidence in support of auditing


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Cyber Digital Twins™ technology allows for visibility and control that were impossible before. By creating digital replicas of your products’ software, it allows you to manage and mitigate cyber risks continuously. Not only that, but it also enables analysis from a component level all the way to a full product or system level, unlocking product security at scale.


Supermicro Case Study

Supermicro wanted a list of open-source and third-party licenses along with vulnerabilities, directly from the final firmware for a compliant SBOM.   A global technology leader committed to delivering innovation for Enterprise, Cloud, AI, and 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure, Supermicro provides a broad range of application-optimized server solutions serving a variety of markets, including cloud […]

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Software Licensing Management for Connected Devices

Learn how to manage and control licensing risks at scale, while minimizing manual efforts.

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