Cybellum Security Suite

Multi-layered, end-to-end security
for connected car components

Cybellum V-Ray ™
Gives full component visibility and risk assessment, based on automated vulnerability detection.
Automatically researching and scans firmwares for security vulnerabilities and threats, mimics an attackers methods of action, and gives full cybersecurity visibility into the scanned component.
Operating during the integration phase, with no code installed on the vehicle, enables to assess the risks, remediate them, and deploy safely.
Cybellum V-Monitor ™
Monitors all deployed components, for new vulnerabilities and threats across public, private and dark-web sources.
Integrates with the inventory management system and automatically monitors and correlates new vulnerabilities to the deployed components in vehicles, and alerts once there is a security issue that requires attention.

Key Capabilities

No Agents on the Device

No code is installed on the vehicle, no integration and zero risks

Scales Infinitely

Scan as many components as you like, unlike manual testing, the platform can handle all the car components

No Access to Source Code

Works on closed firmware, with support to all ECUs – architecture and OS agnostic

Fully Autonomous

No security experts needed to operate, automatic end-to-end process

Continuous Monitoring

Ongoing analysis post-deployment, for alerts on security changes

Offline Deployment

Can be deployed on your servers, with no data going out of your organization

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