Cybellum Security Suite

Cybellum Shield

Every sophisticated attack on your organization begins with intelligence gathering. The attackers want to know as much as possible, in order to craft a tailored attack with high probability of success. They care about the security solutions installed on your network, OS versions, employee emails and every other piece of useful data. 

Cybellum is the first company on the market to offer a solution that makes it difficult for attackers even before they execute the attack, at that crucial intelligence stage. Our toolset minimizes the footprint of your network on the web, and feeds attackers with false data designed to make the attack fail.

Cybellum Sword

Cybellum has developed an engine that recognizes memory-related vulnerabilities inside software products, as they occur, before a single line of malicious code has even been executed. Unlike development-oriented tools, our tech does not impact the operation speed of the monitored program.

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