Our Technology

Zero-Day Prevention Platform™

Memory corruptions are the technological cause of Zero-day attacks. With our First-Step Threat Protection™ approach, we are able to solve the Zero-day problem Deterministically vs Other Solutions.

Cybellum's Deterministic Solution

A deterministic solution is an absolute solution, that works each time and returns the same decisive answer: Is this malicious or not? 0 or 1 / YES or NO. When the answer is Yes, our core technology prevents the attack from infecting the organization.

Behavioral or Signature based Solutions

Behavioral, machine learning and signature-based solutions generate a number/percentage that should indicate the highest likelihood vs a YES or NO. As a result these solutions can never give a correct answer and always produce false positives and with a lower catch rate.

Be First In The Kill Chain

Memory corruption, is the first of four steps in any Zero-Day attack. Existing solutions do not addresses step-one in the kill chain, before any code can execute. Other platforms are “a step too late”.

Stopping the attack at the first step, means absolute prevention and detection of zero-days providing organizations with a more effective means of minimizing TCO and simplifying security management.

First-Step Threat Protection™

Cybellum’s First-Step Threat Protection™ approach prevents memory corruptions by deploying Cybellum’s core technology, a cutting-edge Memory Mine™ that detonates once an attacker accesses forbidden locations in real-time, eradicating the threat on the spot.


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