New FDA cybersecurity guidelines are out. Join the webinar to learn more.
New FDA cybersecurity guidelines are out. Join the webinar to learn more.

Cybellum Announces Solution for AUTOSAR-Based Components

Cybellum Announces Solution for AUTOSAR-Based Components

For the first time, OEMs and their suppliers can have full visibility and manage vulnerabilities for all components within a single platform

Detroit, Michigan, September 7, 2022Cybellum, a leading provider of the Product Security Platform for automotive manufacturers, announced today at the 6th Annual Auto-ISAC Summit, a first-of-its-kind solution for greater visibility and vulnerability analysis and management of AUTOSAR-based ECUs. This enables greater insight for OEMs and their suppliers, of all of their components, from one platform, to provide more secure vehicles and to comply faster with emerging regulations.

The AUTOSAR platform is well-established for providing deeply embedded electronic control units (ECUs). As vehicles have evolved over the last number of decades from simpler electronic units to software defined machines, AUTOSAR has provided OEMs and suppliers a stable foundation to build their distributed software systems. By using a layered software architecture with a compatible methodology, the AUTOSAR Platform supports all kinds of microcontroller-based ECUs, from engine control units to life-saving ADAS features.

To comply with current and emerging regulations and to ensure automotive cybersecurity, automobile manufacturers must have visibility into the software and module compositions of AUTOSAR ECUs. With this release by Cybellum, OEMs are able to receive full visibility with vulnerability management from one comprehensive platform.

“We are excited with this release and expanded support for AUTOSAR that provides OEMs and their suppliers with the most complete offering available for uncovering and managing vulnerabilities for all vehicle components,” said Eran Rosenberg, VP of Product Management at Cybellum. “Our team continuously works to expand Cybellum’s platform, providing more expanded vulnerability monitoring, threat detection, and remediation solutions for the automotive sector. AUTOSAR is another example of the additional capabilities we are adding to our product security platform to enable manufacturers to rapidly comply with regulations and ensure that their vehicles are free of cyber threats.”

The new capability enables automobile manufacturers to rapidly meet compliance requirements for AUTOSAR ECUs with full visibility and by identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities and threats in components, modules, and software. This is especially crucial in a time where manufacturers are working to reduce time to market while maneuvering through an unprecedented hostile cybersecurity environment.

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Cybellum enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to keep the products they build secure and compliant, every single moment of their life. Industry leaders use Cybellum’s product security platform to fuse security into every phase of the product lifecycle. Powered by Cyber Digital Twins™ technology — a live digital replica of every software component inside your devices – Cybellum allows product security teams to manage cyber risk continuously, whatever new threat arises. From living SBOMs to automated vulnerability management and continuous monitoring, teams can ensure their product portfolio is secure from design to post-production and beyond.


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