Cybellum Is The First Deterministic Zero-Day Prevention Platform™
That Eliminates Unknown Threats With First-Step Threat Protection™

Face Your Blind Spot

• Zero-Day exploits are the unknown super weapons of cyberspace that had the unique ability to bypass any security solution, until Cybellum.

• Zero-Day malware can be a new sample of an old malware (or ransomware) that attackers generate by making a 1-2% modification as quickly as once every 15 seconds in order to bypass existing cybersecurity solutions. Stopping these so called “zero-days” are not enough and usually too late, as malware is the last part in the attack kill chain.

Learn more about Zero-Day Myths and how others products fall short.

Our Zero-Day Prevention Platform™ is an agentless, Cloud or On-Premise solution that intercepts and detects any malicious web, email and file content from proprietary applications, email or cloud storage.

Prevent threats across vectors with no impact on the endpoints

Why Cybellum?

Our motivation is to solve the Zero-day problem deterministically, providing the market with a game-changing product.

Our approach creates a direct solution to cyber problems eliminating the cat and mouse game between the adversary and the organization.

Our mission is guided by the lack of cybersecurity experts that are needed to maintain and operate organizational cybersecurity platforms.


Peace of Mind Advantages

Absolute Prevention

Deterministically tackling the cause of
zero-days gives you a real solution for
known and unknown threats.

No False Positives

Our solution solves the cause of the attack deterministically and by solving the cause of the attack we eliminate the possibility of any false positives.

Simplified Security

Cybellum’s Zero-Day Prevention Platform™ is easily set-up. No need to configure learning algorithms, and no need for cyber experts to operate it.


See how Cybellum deterministically prevents
Zero-Days and how your business can benefit.