Go beyond SBOM creation -- automatically validate, approve and manage SBOMs across components,
product lines, and business units.

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You created an SBOM, great.

Now what?

SBOMs are quickly becoming the standard framework for product security. However, creating an SBOM is only the first step. To truly keep track of and manage your device software’s cybersecurity, you need a way to quickly edit, validate, approve and manage SBOMs for thousands of components. Not only that, but you also need a way to understand your product’s actual risk, or else you’ll end up drowning in endless lists of components you have no way of analyzing.

from SBOM creation to SBOM management

Your SBOM challenges are finally under control — Automatically create, validate, approve and manage SBOMs across all your products and devices. Then, uncover your product’s actual exposure using our powerful vulnerability prioritization engine and automated VEX capabilities, so you get from SBOM created to vulnerabilities resolved in no time.

End to End SBOM Management

Create incredibly detailed SBOMs, edit, validate, and approve them, all from one place. Then track the SBOM approval process across teams and business units, and automatically conduct VEX analysis to uncover the actual cyber exposure of your products.

Deep Asset Visibility

Automatically discover your assets, through a comprehensive inventory of normalized cyber digital twins™ of your products, including SBOM, versioning, dependencies, licenses, OS configurations and much more

Portfolio Impact Analysis

Automatically detect vulnerabilities across your entire asset inventory during and post development and remediate them (aided by our recommendations) before they can be exploited

Inventory Analytics

Slice-and-dice your asset inventory by various attributes such as geo-location, business-unit or development program, and drill down from asset (component) to SBOM to vulnerabilities

SBOM-to-Device Proiritization

Seamless integrations with your PLM, QMS, ERP and remote update systems extend inventory visibility from SBOM to product ID, exposing associated risks

End-to-end Traceability

Pin-point vulnerabilities and security gaps within components and products and trace their origin at any lifecycle stage, from design to post production


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Cyber Digital Twins™ technology allows for visibility and control that were impossible before. By creating digital replicas of your products’ software, it allows you to manage and mitigate cyber risks continuously. Not only that, but it also enables analysis from a component level all the way to a full product or system level, unlocking product security at scale.


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