Vulnerability Management

Uncover the risks that have an actual impact on your products and get specific mitigation recommendations,
all automatically.

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So many vulnerabilities,

so few get fixed.

Managing your products’ vulnerabilities is like finding a needle in a haystack. Hundreds of products, thousands of components, and countless vulnerabilities discovered daily. When 60% or more of vulnerabilities are completely irrelevant to your devices, how can you zero in on the ones that are, and how do you mitigate them on time, with every new software version or new threat discovered?

From vulnerabilities found to vulnerabilities fixed.

Say bye bye to manual, inefficient vulnerability management workflows — automatically uncover the most relevant vulnerabilities and Zero-days in the context of your products, receive specific mitigation recommendations your developers will greatly value, and get alerted the moment a new relevant threat is discovered. This is vulnerability management purpose-built for manufacturers.

Complete Coverage

Manage vulnerabilities and security gaps in your devices, protecting them from CVEs, Zero-days and malware. All via binary analysis. No source code needed.

Compliance Comes Standard

Comply with vulnerability management requirements set by industry regulations and standards in the Automotive, Medical Device and Industrial Equipment industries.

Shift to Automatic

Scale up vulnerability management across development programs with minimal manual effort, so you can meet and beat deadlines and prevent security risks

Actionable Insights

Bring context to chaos and eliminate irrelevant vulnerabilities, so you can prioritize your team’s efforts and quickly resolve security gaps, aided by our remediation recommendations

Always-on Surveillance

Continuously monitor new and existing vulnerabilities via real-time, aggregated threat intelligence, to keep your products secure across their lifespan

Ongoing Impact Analysis

Track your asset inventory and risk exposure to gauge your security status across development programs and deployed assets, to advance your cyber resilience


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Cyber Digital Twins™ technology allows for visibility and control that were impossible before. By creating digital replicas of your products’ software, it allows you to manage and mitigate cyber risks continuously. Not only that, but it also enables analysis from a component level all the way to a full product or system level, unlocking product security at scale.


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