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LTOOD: Mimi Gross

Attracting and Retaining Top Cybersecurity Talent in a Challenging Employer Market with Mimi Gross

For over a year, labor shortages have dominated headlines, impacting our everyday lives as this crisis translates into supply chain issues, business closures, and overall longer wait times for customers across industries. On the latest episode of the Left to Our Own Devices podcast, Mimi Gross, the cybersecurity matchmaker gives tips and tricks to attract […]

Implementing Proactive Product Security With PSIRT Automation

Product security is experiencing growing pains. As products started to become connected to various communication sources, most prominently the internet, product cybersecurity teams would protect their assets using proven solutions from the IT world. Professionals quickly recognized that IT-driven cybersecurity tactics did not take into account various product needs and domain expertise, such as integration […]

Ron Stupi Of Bureau Veritas David Leichner On The Future of Robotics Over the Next Few Years

Below is an interview between David Leichner, CMO at Cybellum, and Ron Stupi of Bureau Veritas– originally published by Authority Magazine. With the shortage of labor, companies are now looking at how robots can replace some of the lost labor force. The truth is that this is not really a novel idea, as companies like Amazon […]

Tom Alrich- LTOOD

SBOMs, VEX, and Bridging the Component Insight Gap With Tom Alrich

SBOMs and nationally organized VEX initiatives are powerful tools in fighting cybersecurity– if only they would be used. Tom Alrich, a private Supply Chain Cybersecurity consultant, earned his wings at Honeywell and Deloitte while also co-leading the US Department of Commerce’s National Technology & Information Administration (NTIA) Energy Sector SBOM Proof of Concept. His unique […]

Cybellum and Jingwei HiRain Announce New Partnership to Ensure the Cybersecurity of Embedded Systems

Agreement will enable Jingwei HiRain to ensure cybersecurity across the automotive supply chain Tel Aviv, Israel, November 16, 2022 – Cybellum, provider of the Product Security Platform for connected product and device manufacturers and Jingwei HiRain, advanced supplier of automotive electronic systems, announced today a new partnership to meet the challenges of cybersecurity across the […]

SoS: Full Visibility As a Superpower

Devices are fraught with cybersecurity challenges, pushing teams to analyze the security status of every component twice. Once as a stand-alone system and again as a part in the greater system that makes up a product. Yet, increasingly software-defined products harbor exponentially growing code, making reviewing a single product, its systems, and the systems that […]

Vehicles of The Future: Rick Sturgeon on Making Cars & Trucks Smarter, Safer, and More Sustainable

Below is an interview between David Leichner, CMO at Cybellum, and Rich Sturgeon, Senior Director, Transportation and Mobility at Dassault Systèmes which was originally published by Authority Magazine. ……………… The automotive industry has been disrupted recently with new exciting technologies that have made cars and trucks much smarter, much safer, and much more sustainable and […]

Cybellum Announces Automated VEX Generation to Complement its Automated SBOM Creation Capability

Manufacturers and asset owners are now able to automatically generate VEX reports to determine which vulnerabilities are high risk and exploitable and how to remediate them   Tel Aviv, Israel, November 9, 2022 – Cybellum, provider of the Product Security Platform for connected device manufacturers, announced today the availability of its automated Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange […]

How Dr. Suzanne Schwartz is Saving Lives by Reshaping Medical Device Cybersecurity

With an early eye on pediatrics and a specialty in burn-victim surgery, the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) Dr. Suzanne Schwartz, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Technology Innovation at the Center for Diseases and Radiological Health (CDRH) didn’t foresee that she’d be such an important champion for medical device cybersecurity. Toward the beginning of Dr. […]

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