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Software Supply Chain Security

Gain visibility into software supply chain risks, manage SBOMs and mitigate vulnerabilities, with a dedicated security solution built for device manufacturers

Product Software Supply Chain Security

Unchain your
supply chain

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Manage SBOMs and VEXs

Orchestrate the entire SBOM and VEX process, from creation to approval, across business units, products and supply chain tiers

Mitigate vulnerabilities

Identify risky components across the entire supply chain, get mitigation recommendations and track remediation

Identify risky suppliers

See exactly which suppliers pose the most risk, or take the longest to remediate, and easily share the findings

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See, control, comply



Comply with FDA, ISO and EU supply chain regulations


Become independent

Get a reliable, independent view of supply chain risks


Mitigate security risks

Identify risky components and mitigate, all automatically

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Cybellum’s platform allows the team to detect and mitigate risks early and often
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