Product Security Synergy Services

Managed services for SBOM analysis, vulnerability management and incident response, as well as customization services for deploying Cybellum's Product Security Platform in your unique development environment. All performed by a team of embedded device security experts.

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Deployment and Customization Services

Creating Synergy

A dedicated service for tailoring and integrating product security platform technology to your product development ecosystem, from ALM/PLM systems to CI/CD environments, ticketing systems, SBOM sources, TARA sources, and more. You’ll have a dedicated team of product security experts who help you meet implementation milestones from soup to nuts



Uncover goals by mapping tools,
products, and IT requirements

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Concept Plan

Form a solution concept, including deployment architecture

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Ensure full usage of the system in the
context of the intended use-cases

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Track your progress and performance using our dedicated ProdSec Performance Model

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Managed Services

Ensuring Ongoing Synergy

Combining embedded device security expertise with a dedicated technology to manage
product security processes from start to finish, acting as a force multiplier for your entire operation.
This includes five main services:

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Software Bill of Materials
(SBOM) Verification

Manage the SBOM validation process from start to finish for complete and reliable SBOMs

Supply-chain Risk Management Icon

Supply-chain Risk

Manage the supply chain software risk process on behalf of customers, including supplier relationships and tracking

Pen Testing

Get a detailed penetration testing report of your products, created by a team of embedded device cybersecurity experts

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Product Incident

Run the entire PSIRT operation including incidents, investigations, and stakeholder communication

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Manage the cloud implementation process, including configurations and mapping of required cloud architectures

Let’s do this together

The ProdSec Performance Model

How Product Security is Measured

Developed based on over a decade of product security expertise, the ProdSec Performance Model is a KPI model for Product Security Managers, allowing them to track, manage and improve their teams’ performance over time. The model is being used in our service offerings to track progress and provide a powerful measurement tool for managers

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