Secure products across their entire lifecycle

Build a centralized product asset inventory and manage cyber risk throughout the entire lifecycle with an automotive cyber security platform purpose-built for OEMs and suppliers.

Automotive cybersecurity
and compliance:
a unique challenge

New vulnerabilities, new regulations, and a unique ecosystem that makes cybersecurity extremely challenging-- welcome to today's automotive cybersecurity reality. Add to that the EV, autonomous and Software Defined Vehicles revolutions, new SBOM requirements, and a need to support vehicles for 10+ years after launch and you get risks that carry serious functional safety implications.

The Product Security Platform

Your center for everything
automotive product security

Manage vulnerabilities in context

Detect, prioritize and mitigate relevant vulnerabilities, analyze specific frameworks such as AutoSAR and ECUs, and automate CSMS activities.

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Speed up incident response

Understand exactly which products are affected by a new vulnerability, and conduct detailed investigations, accelerating post production automotive cybersecurity.

Automate requirement validation

Use pre-mapped requirements of automotive regulations such as ISO 21434, WP.29 and EU CRA, to automatically identify compliance gaps and produce detailed reports.

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Sungho Hwang LG VS
Cybellum’s services and platform have helped us produce a comprehensive CSMS
Eldad Raziel0
Cybellum allows the Alliance brands to calculate the risk of a vulnerability in the full vehicle context
Chris Dikman
Cybellum reduced our mean-time-to-detection by 80%
Cybellum’s platform allows the team to detect and mitigate risks early and often

Automotive cybersecurity
made simple

Manage all software assets and risks

Maintain a detailed software asset inventory to quickly identify the most critical issues across all your products and teams.

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Stay compliant, for good

Keep all products and components compliant with automotive regulations, standards and best practices such as ISO 21434, WP.29 and the EU CRA.

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Stay secure across the entire lifecycle

Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities from design to post-production, manage SBOMs and assets, facilitate incident response, and analyze zero-days all from one place.

The technology that makes it all possible

Cyber Digital Twins™ technology creates exact digital replicas of your device’s software, allowing you to analyze, detect, and manage automotive cyber security risks in incredible detail, from a single component through a full product system.

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