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We’re building the revolutionary technology that is powering a safer, more secure future for cars, medical devices, and industrial equipment around the world. With some of the greatest minds and some of the coolest technology, we’re paving the way for the future of product security.

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Accelerate Innovation

We’re working with some of the most advanced technologies out there and are always on the lookout for the newest work method, agile process and innovative software. We’re breaking new ground in our industry, driving new innovations from the ground up.

You Take the Wheel

We believe truly innovative work requires full autonomy. Each one of us is given the keys to our own projects – take full ownership over everything we do. But we do so with the full backing and support of the entire team.

See Under the Hood

We believe transparency is key to visionary work. We’re fully open about the state of the business, potential investments and upcoming marketing strategies. This way, teams aren’t just learning about technology, they’re also experiencing first-hand how the business of startups works.

Enjoy The Ride

We take lightheartedness very seriously. Weekly lectures, breakfasts, game-nights and happy hours give everyone time to bond and relax. Because if you can’t have a beer and play Settlers of Catan with your boss, what’s the point, right?

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Open Positions

Mor Hayun

Our innovative products represent a breakthrough in the way the world perceives automotive cybersecurity. We create tomorrow.

Roman Kesler
VP of Research

Cybersecurity research is an interesting field in itself but have you ever thought about what happens when you use it to intercept a car hacker?! So, how about doing it every day for a living?!

Boris Polishuk
VP Architect

Our work matters. I know the work I do today can save lives on the road tomorrow.

Daniel Drojanov
Back End Team Leader

To Cyber Security, Cybellum is just like the "Dream Team" to basketball, every player can bring victory to the team and become the next big thing. With us, you are not just a cog in the wheel, you’re a valued team member.

Keren Serok
Chief of Staff

Hurry up and get a front row seat in a company on the cutting edge of cyber innovation. Your personal progress parallels the progress of the company. They go hand in hand, so if you’re part of the team, the sky's the limit!

Dan Dgani
VP Software Delivery

Our greatest successes come from teamwork and mutual enrichment, we’re always there for each other. Come and work with the best minds in the world of cyber security, a world filled with veterans from the Israeli military elite units.

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