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Why Cybellum?

Cybellum was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of making the connected products we all rely on cyber secure. Starting out in the Automotive space, we are now working with top medical device manufacturers, industrial manufacturing leaders and Automotive OEMs and suppliers who use our platform every day to keep their products cyber secure and cyber compliant. Our team is spread across Israel, the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Ukraine. Since 2021 Cybellum is fully backed by LG Electronics.

What is this platform all about?

The Product Security Platform is a dedicated solution for everything product security. It was built specifically for device manufacturers to facilitate the entire product cybersecurity process, from SBOM management, to vulnerability management and product incident response.

Is there more than just a platform?

Yes. We believe reaching a high standard of product security requires a transformation, and can’t be done overnight. With Cybellum’s Synergy Services, manufacturers make sure new product security automations are well integrated into their unique ecosystem, and strengthen their operation with managed services for anything from SBOM to Incident Response.

What is Cyber Digital Twins™ technology?

Sitting at the center of our platform, Cyber Digital Twins™ are digital replicas of your device’s software, that contain a wide variety of data required for cybersecurity analysis, such as SBOM, HW BOM, Licenses, OS. Config, API Calls and much more. They can be extracted from the binary files of any product or component, and provide a rich data set that allows for ongoing cybersecurity and cyber-compliance.

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Chris Gates
This platform is way more comprehensive than anything I’ve seen available on the market
Sungho Hwang LG VS
Cybellum’s services and platform have helped us produce a comprehensive CSMS
Cybellum’s platform allows the team to detect and mitigate risks early and often

What you get with Cybellum

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Manage your risk, don't just detect it

Quickly discover, prioritize and mitigate the most critical cyber risks, compliance violations and supply chain threats across all your products

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Get to compliance way faster

Match built-in regulatory policies with detailed security assesements, and create regulator-ready reports for ISO, FDA, UNECE and 50+ other standards in no-time

Say bye bye to manual

Say bye bye to manual

Scale your entire operation, from vulnerability management to SBOM validation and incident response, by automating every part of the workflow