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Software Licensing Management

Automate policy validation and enforcement of open-source software licensing, minimizing legal risk

Product Software Licensing Management

License compliance, on auto-pilot

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Identify, automate, validate

Leverages detailed SBOM and product system data inside the platform to quickly identify licensing gaps

Hit the ground complying

Use pre-built licensing policies out-of-the box or customize them if needed, speeding up compliance

Maintain invaluable evidence

Keep and document evidence in support of auditing/litigation, radically simplifying compliance for years to come

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License compliance just
became incredibly simple


legal risk

Significantly reduce legal risk across all product lines


Automate the
grunt work

Make the legal licensing process much easier


Stay compliant
for good

Continuously identify gaps to stay compliant with every software change

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Chris Dikman
Cybellum reduced our mean-time-to-detection by 80%
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