Cybellum’s dynamic testing lets clients look inside the locked box of compiled code, and assess how vulnerable it is, prior to a version release or as risk assessment of a 3rd party product



  • Are there any new vulnerabilities in my product? If so, what are they?
  • Is the 3rd party program we’re integrating, putting us at risk?
  • What are the recurring security weak points of my development teams?


  • How secure is the product I’m releasing to my clients?
  • How secure is the 3rd party product I’m partnering with, or consider acquiring?
  • Is my software compliant with the security standards I’m required to maintain?

Step 1 – Request

Initiating Cybellum’s Risk Assessment is easy, and does not require security research knowledge

Cloud or On-Premise
Cybellum can receive files in the cloud, or be installed on-premise for secure, local operation
Our technology is program-agnostic, able to work at both program and OS-level with any software 

Step 2 – Scan

Cybellum will rapidly and accurately detect vulnerabilities, and assess the risk of the program it’s scanning

Memory-Related Vulnerabilities
such as Buffer Overflow, Type Confusion, Use after Free and other types of vulnerabilities
Configuration Weaknesses
such as outdated components and policy misconfigurations that increase the attack surface 

Step 3 – Report

Cybellum will provide two separate reports, one for the developer and another for the management

Development Support Report
Technical report which pinpoints discovered vulnerabilities, making continuous deployment easier
Risk Assessment Report
Executive report built to convey how vulnerable the tested program is to attacks, and how risky its integration

Step 3 – Report

Cybellum will provide two separate reports, one for the developer and another for the managment

Development Support
Designed for developers and integration into continuous deployment flows, this technical report pinpoints the vulnerabilities discovered in the tested program.

Risk Assessment
The executive report is built to convey, in a thorough manner, the risk assessment for the tested program – how vulnerable it is to different types of attacks and how risky its deployment might be.

Fully Operational

Cybellum’s solution is already operational. We’re constantly updating it to be faster, and more precise. During the development process, we find vulnerabilities all the time, and report them to vendors.

Innovating Where It Matters

Cybellum is unlike anything else on the market right now. We combine methodologies and technology from the worlds of debugging, QA, security research and machine learning, to provide tangible value.

Contact us if you’re interested in joining Cybellum, learning about our early beta program, or becoming a partner.