#56: Scott Sheahan: From Aerospace to Automotive Cybersecurity

We sat down with Scott Sheahan, the owner of Rustic Security, to learn from his rich background in the automotive cybersecurity world and embedded software development.

#55: Dmitri Shifrin: Cybersecurity & AI at NVIDIA

We sat down with a System Security Architecture Manager at NVIDIA, to discuss the convergence of Automotive cybersecurity and AI, as well as NVIDIA’s Morpheus Cybersecurity Framework.

#54 : Chaitanya Mattur Srinivasamurthy: Leading Cybersecurity at ICU Medical

We sat down with the Sr Director of Cyber Security & Medical Device Connectivity Engineering at ICU Medical to discuss medical device cybersecurity, FDA, and balancing innovation and security.

#53: Steve Orrin: Leading Cybersecurity at Intel and Beyond

In this episode, we talk to Steve Orrin, Chief Technology Officer and Senior PE at Intel Federal, about his unique journey from biology to cybersecurity leadership. We discuss the main challenges faced by federal bodies in the cybersecurity landscape and how they differ across industries like Aerospace, Education, and Healthcare.