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Enhancing SOC outcomes with context awareness and automation

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Ensuring cyber resilience

Keeps Getting

Security is not a one-off effort and the latest medical cybersecurity regulations recognize this, mandating ongoing cybersecurity monitoring and maintenance. To that end, OEMs, Healthcare Providers and their MSSP partners deploy purpose built SOCs, intended to track and respond to security events. But the ever-growing threat landscape and the complexity of connected medical systems hinder your ability to maintain cyber resilience.

Enhancing VSOC Outcomes

Cybellum enables OEMs and MSSPs to maintain secure medical devices. Our Cyber Digital Twins™ platform provides the visibility, context and agility required to scale continuous monitoring operations, empowering your SOC to restore cyber resilience.

In-context Threat Monitoring

Bring context into chaos and track in real-time new vulnerabilities, exploits and threats that are relevant to your asset inventory, through aggregated public and private feeds

Cut Response Times

Quickly zero-in on the root-cause of incidents, leverage our mitigation guidelines and automatically read across your assets to prevent future threats

Portfolio Impact Analysis

Automatically detect vulnerabilities across your entire assets and remediate them (aided by our recommendations) before they can be exploited

Orchestrated Mitigation

Seamless integration with your SIEM, SOAR, incident-response, asset management, Remote Update and SOC systems so you can respond to threats quickly and efficiently.

Agentless Surveillance

A backend-only platform that does the security assessment heavy lifting for you, minimizing the need for manual work and simplifying your playbooks

Compliance Comes Standard

Comply with continuous vulnerability management requirements set by regulations and standards such as FDA-2018-D-3443 and MDCG 2019-16 .

Single Platform Efficiency

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The Cyber Digital Twins™ platform provides you the infrastructure to develop and maintain secure products at scale. It unifies pre-production Product Security Assessments with post-production Product Security Operations, providing you the visibility, context and agility needed to secure medical devices across their lifespan. No source code needed.