#3: Thomas Wambera: The Automotive Ghost-Writers

The automotive cybersecurity veteran discusses regulation, autonomous cars and AVL

Thomas Wambera, Affiliate Business Manager at AVL Deutschland, sheds some light on the upcoming WP. 29 regulations and talks about cybersecurity in an autonomous world.

#2: Felipe Fernandes: Securing Jaguars

The Jaguar Land Rover security expert discusses automotive cybersecurity innovation

Felipe Fernandes from JLR discusses the toughest challenges and most exciting innovations in today’s automotive cybersecurity world and reveals what his favorite JLR car is.

#1: David Colombo: Hacking Teslas

The “cyber boy wonder” explains how he hacked dozens of Teslas in one afternoon

David Colombo breaks down how he hacked dozens of Teslas in one day and shares his tips and tricks for product security teams.

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