#48: Roman Kelser: From Security Research to AI

We sat down with the VP of Research at Cybellum, aka “Roman Explains” to learn from his vast experience in embedded device security research and get practical insights into how to use AI in product security, following the release of his new “Ask Roman” product feature for product security professionals.

#47: Joachim Fox: Safety, Security and Innovation at ZF

We were joined by the Director of Safety & Cybersecurity at ZF for a fascinating conversation about innovation in automotive cybersecurity, and ZF’s uncompromising approach to both safety and security.

#46: Franz-Josef Schuermann: TARA & Threat Modeling Stories

We sat down with the Chairman of the Board at itemis inc. and the world-renowned TARA expert to discuss innovations in Threat Analysis, automotive cybersecurity trends, and much more.

#45: Jacob Combs: Securing a Product Ecosystem

We sat down Jacob Combs, VP of Cybersecurity at Tandem Diabetes Care, to talk about how he manages product security at Tandem, and how he overcomes the need to secure an entire ecosystem, beyond the product’s perimeters.