Cybellum’s Market Share Surges Among Top 20 Medical Device Manufacturers

Cybellum’s Market Share Surges Among Top 20 Medical Device Manufacturers

Empowers medical device manufacturers to streamline regulatory compliance while efficiently managing product cybersecurity risk.

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 28, 2023– Cybellum, creators of the award-winning Product Security Platform, announced today at the H-ISAC Spring Summit that Cybellum has significantly increased its market share amongst leading medical device manufacturers (MDMs). Working with companies across the industry, Cybellum’s approach provides risk visibility throughout the full product lifecycle. It also presents opportunities to manage risks so product security teams can make decisions that balance their security demands with business requirements.

In today’s complex healthcare landscape with increasing regulatory oversight, medical device manufacturers are facing two main challenges. The first is managing and measuring the risk of their assets, and the second is complying with increased regulatory requirements. To address these new requirements, leading MDMs are turning to Cybellum. Cybellum’s Product Security Platform and Synergy-Services enable teams to manage product cybersecurity risks from a single, centralized platform, streamlining the compliance process and providing deep visibility into their risk posture.

“We’ve taken a leading position in the market as trusted partners for providing medical device manufacturers with the tools and expertise they need to manage risk and meet evolving cyber regulatory requirements,” said Slava Bronfman, co-founder and CEO of Cybellum. “With Cybellum, medical device companies can confidently navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, ensuring that their devices remain secure, and compliant throughout their lifecycle.”

As MDMs grapple with new FDA regulations and pre- and post- market requirements, Cybellum’s product security platform provides a critical solution for compliance and risk management. By providing continuous risk management in the context of products, Cybellum helps organizations demonstrate to regulators that they are taking proactive measures to address cybersecurity risks. Cybellum allows teams to provide detailed evidence gathered from multiple cybersecurity activities including SBOMs and threat models. This centralized approach streamlines the compliance process, making it easier for medical device manufacturers to meet regulatory expectations.

Why do medical device manufacturers choose Cybellum?

  • Unified platform: Ability to manage product cybersecurity risk from a single, centralized platform by integrating it into the existing organization’s toolchain.
  • Continuous risk analysis: Provides in-depth insights into product security risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Automated compliance: Aggregates data from multiple security activities and generates compliance reports quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Facilitates seamless collaboration across security, compliance, development, and executive teams.
  • Empowered workforce: Empowers everyone involved in the product lifecycle to contribute to a more secure and compliant medical device ecosystem.

Learn more here about how Cybellum can help you to manage risk and meet evolving cyber regulatory requirements.

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Top device manufacturers use Cybellum’s Product Security Platform and services to manage the main aspects of their cybersecurity operations across business units and lifecycle stages. From SBOMs to Vulnerability Management, Compliance Validation, and Incident Response, teams ensure their connected products are fundamentally secure and compliant – and stay that way. To learn more visit