Cybellum System of Systems: Full Device Level Cybersecurity Mgmt

Cybellum System of Systems: Full Device Level Cybersecurity Mgmt

Product and device security teams often find themselves fighting an uphill battle in their attempts to step up their cybersecurity strategies. Ensuring security in the increasingly complex ecosystem of their connected devices has never been more challenging. Faced with a rapidly evolving threat landscape and increased regulation, teams are working hard to achieve cybersecurity maturity, by setting up improved policies and processes, and adopting the technologies to support them. However, without complete visibility over their connected devices – cybersecurity can seem like a nearly impossible challenge.

The Challenge: Getting Full Visibility and Control Over Connected Device Security

Product and device security teams struggle to achieve full visibility and control at the system level, often unable to assess overall potential risk and damage. Teams have a limited view into devices like a passenger vehicle, or an MRI system, leaving them with no way to get a comprehensive assessment of their entire security status.

Currently, most teams are entrenched in complex processes that don’t scale. They labor over multiple disconnected subcomponent assessments, trying to figure out how one component relates to the other, how a certain vulnerability impacts their overall vehicle security, and what overall potential damage might be. The result is a time consuming, expensive, and error prone process that’s impossible to manage throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

The Solution: Cybellum’s System of Systems

In order to address this critical need and provide product and device security teams with the visibility that they need, we’ve created a new capability called System of Systems – an extension of our award-winning Cyber Digital  Twins™ technology, that allows a full system view. System of Systems provides unprecedented visibility and control for product and device security teams, from SBOMs to comprehensive vulnerability monitoring and everything in between.

System of Systems enables security management of a complete product system, through  a unified assessment of all its underlying components. Product and device security teams can leverage this new advanced capability to:

  • Access and review SBOMs, system architecture, and any connections to external networks
  • Automatically define their product and device system’s potential damage
  • Analyze risks using a hierarchical view, from the component level, all the way up to the vehicle level, including CVEs, zero-day vulnerabilities, policy violations, and more, throughout the entire device lifecycle
  • Define and set countermeasures like firewalls and IDS/IPS within the device, and see the  immediate impact on the overall security risk score

Taking Device and Product Security to a New Level

System of System capabilities allow device and product security teams to significantly improve the way they assess, mitigate, and monitor device-level risks, with unprecedented visibility and control. Teams can finally analyze the security risks of a complete device with granular visibility into its underlying components, enabling them to minimize risk and improve regulatory compliance.

The ability to perform simpler and quicker system level assessments will help product and device security teams speed up time to market, and focus on providing their customers’ with innovative, high-quality, and secure products.

Contact us to see how the new System of System capability can help you achieve greater visibility and control over connected devices.