Eystein Stenberg: Software Updates for Connected Devices

The software updates expert on how to update the right way

Eystein Stenberg, Co-founder and CTO at Northern.tech (developers of Mender), sheds some light on the intricate world of software updates for connected devices and provides his tips and tricks for product security teams.

#12: Anthony Fernando: Surgical Robots, FDA and Cybersecurity

The president and CEO of Asensus Surgical on medical device innovation and cybersecurity

Medical Device leader and innovator Anthony Fernando discusses the future of robotic surgery, regulations, and cybersecurity.

#11: Asaf Atzmon: The Future of Automotive Cybersecurity

The former HARMAN VP on where the industry is headed

Asaf Atzmon, the former VP & General Manager Automotive Cybersecurity at HARMAN International, sat down with us to discuss where automotive product cybersecurity is headed and explains the complexity of open-source security for car manufacturers.

#10: Ken Hoyme: Building a Medical Device Cybersecurity Practice

The product cybersecurity veteran on how to build a successful practice

Product cybersecurity expert Ken Hoyme shared with us how he built the product security practice at Boston Scientific, why he chose this profession, and gives his practical recommendations for product security teams.