#48: Roman Kelser: From Security Research to AI

We sat down with the VP of Research at Cybellum, aka “Roman Explains” to learn from his vast experience in embedded device security research and get practical insights into how to use AI in product security, following the release of his new “Ask Roman” product feature for product security professionals.

About Roman Kesler

Roman Kesler is the VP of Research at Cybellum. For those following Cybellum, you probably know him from his video series “Roman Explains”, where he breaks down famous vulnerabilities and product security concepts. But surprisingly, that’s not ALL that he does. Roman is an experienced Researcher, Software Engineer and Team Leader with a history of working in the product cybersecurity industry. At Cybellum, he does not only lead the research team, but is also in charge of developing new AI capabilities for product security. In fact, Cybellum just launched an AI assistant for product security, and named the feature… you guessed it ! “Ask Roman”.