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The Inevitable Digital Transformation of Automotive Security

Writing good software is hard. Making it secure is even harder. It requires knowhow, an awareness of common programming flaws and discipline; checking input sizes; managing memory allocation and deallocation; addressing string formatting; avoiding dangling pointers – the list goes on and on. More often than not, writing secure code stands in contrast to developers’ […]

Ripple20 and What it Means to Your Product Security

Writing good code is hard. Making it secure is harder. Doing so with 3rd party components is a nightmare. That’s what R&D organizations realize as they embrace software supply chains to speed up innovation and development.

Autonomous Risk: What Can We Learn From the Complexity of Vehicle Code

There’s a chart making rounds in the past few years, comparing the software complexity of connected cars to that of an F-35 jet fighter. Apparently, an F-35 includes around 8 million lines, whereas a modern car has around 100,000,000. So are cars more complex than a fighter jet?

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