#29: Esti Pesin: Flying Cyber (with Guest Host Michael Engstler)

What Flying a Plane Can Teach You About Cybersecurity

We sat down with Esti Peshin, VP, General Manager, Cyber Division at Israel Aerospace Industries – ELTA, and our guest host Michael Engstler, two licensed pilots, to discuss what flying a plane can teach you about cybersecurity

#28: Paul Cha: How LG VS Became CSMS Compliant

How the Leading OEM Achieved this Huge Milestone

We sat down with the VP of Cybersecurity at LG Electronics Vehicle component Solutions to discuss LG VS’ journey to becoming CSMS certified and learn from his many years of experience.

#27: Slava Bronfman: Watching Product Security Mature

From Humble Beginnings to Market-Wide Adoption

We sat down with the Cybellum Co-founder and CEO, to discuss the progress made in the product security world and Cybellum’s transition from a tiny start-up into a global company that was bought by LG Electronics.

#26: Adam Boulton: Between Food and Embedded Devices

The Embedded Device Security Expert Speaks Out

The Cybellum VP of Technology & Innovation provides his tips and tricks for teams