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Building and Applying A New Medical Device Framework With Phil Englert

Phil Englert was ahead of the curve in introducing cybersecurity into the medical device industry, building medical device cybersecurity programs from scratch several times during his career.  Today he is the Director of Medical Device Security at the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center H-ISAC, helping establish connections within the medical device community, and well-versed […]

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2022, The Year Product Security Broke Away From the Pack

Shlomi Ashkenazy and David Leichner recap the highlights of the past year and light the beacon for Product Security managers in 2023.   2022 has been an incredible year for the Product Security community. New regulations gained traction, software bills of materials (SBOMs) became ‘the bomb’, and the ramifications of Log4j and other vulnerabilities made […]

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The Importance of Including Engineers in Industrial Product Security With Joe Weiss

From a nuclear meltdown to Y2K and 9/11, Joe Weiss paints a frightening picture of cyber vulnerabilities in things that can go BOOM in the night.  Joe Weiss is what you would call a trailblazer in the realm of critical infrastructure cybersecurity. During his 40+ years in industrial instrumentation controls and cybersecurity, he has set […]

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Who’s Responsible for Securing Custom Open Source Software?

Is open source software, one of the great wonders of our time, setting us up for one of the great cybersecurity blunders of our time?  In an ongoing effort to develop more innovative technologies, companies are turning to open source libraries for inspiration to reliably bolstering capabilities using fewer resources. By taking only part of […]

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The challenges in securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) with Dale Peterson

Cybellum’s Left to Their Own Devices podcast spoke with Dale Peterson, founder of the S4 conference and creator of many of today’s standard ICS security tools and techniques Dale Peterson is one of the most experienced individuals on the planet when it comes to industrial cybersecurity. After a few years at the NSA as a […]

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How Ronen Lago Wins the Market with a Security-First Executive Approach

This blog is based on Ronen Lago’s interview on the Left to Our Own Devices Podcast. ————— Ronen Lago, former executive at Daimler, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, and others, relies on a top-down cybersecurity approach to boost quality and turn cybersecurity capabilities into revenue opportunities. Market analysis is at the core of how Ronen modernizes the […]

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A New Management Center is Changing the Way Managers Strengthen Product Security

Manufacturing companies are huge enterprises with multiple business units and vast product lines. This means managing product cybersecurity and ensuring cyber compliance is nearly impossible. With such a big organization, how can managers quickly pinpoint the risks that will have the greatest impact? How can you know which team needs your immediate attention or which […]

Rick Driggers’ Journey From Combat Control to Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Looking out for the American people and his teammates is something Rick Diggers has committed himself to since the moment he turned 18. After enlisting in the US armed forces straight out of high school and choosing the challenging path of a Combat Controller, Rick went on to be a key player in setting up […]

Implementing Proactive Product Security With PSIRT Automation

Product security is experiencing growing pains. As products started to become connected to various communication sources, most prominently the internet, product cybersecurity teams would protect their assets using proven solutions from the IT world. Professionals quickly recognized that IT-driven cybersecurity tactics did not take into account various product needs and domain expertise, such as integration […]

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